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# {{ env "DOMAIN" }} configuration
default: &defaults
# If you wanna serve more than one foodcoop with one installation
# Don't forget to setup databases for each foodcoop. See also MULTI_COOP_INSTALL
multi_coop_install: {{ env "FOODCOOP_MULTI_INSTALL" }}
# If multi_coop_install you have to use a coop name, which you you wanna be selected by default
default_scope: "{{ env "FOODCOOP_NAME" }}"
# name of this foodcoop
name: "{{ env "FOODCOOP_NAME" }}"
# foodcoop contact information (used for FAX messages)
street: "{{ env "FOODCOOP_STREET" }}"
zip_code: "{{ env "FOODCOOP_ZIP_CODE" }}"
city: "{{ env "FOODCOOP_CITY" }}"
country: "{{ env "FOODCOOP_COUNTRY" }}"
email: "{{ env "FOODCOOP_EMAIL" }}"
phone: "{{ env "FOODCOOP_PHONE" }}"
# Homepage
homepage: "{{ env "FOODCOOP_HOMEPAGE" }}"
# foodsoft documentation URL
help_url: "{{ env "FOODCOOP_HELP_URL" }}"
# documentation URL for the apples&pears work system
# custom foodsoft software URL (used in footer)
# Default language
default_locale: {{ env "FOODCOOP_LANGUAGE" }}
# By default, foodsoft takes the language from the webbrowser/operating system.
# In case you really want foodsoft in a certain language by default, set this to true.
# When members are logged in, the language from their profile settings is still used.
ignore_browser_locale: false
# Default timezone, e.g. UTC, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc.
time_zone: "{{ env "FOODCOOP_TIME_ZONE" }}"
# Currency symbol, and whether to add a whitespace after the unit.
currency_unit: €
#currency_space: true
# price markup in percent
price_markup: 2.0
# default vat percentage for new articles
tax_default: 7.0
# tolerance order option: If set to false, article tolerance values do not count
# for total article price as long as the order is not finished.
tolerance_is_costly: false
# Ordergroups, which have less than 75 apples should not be allowed to make new orders
# Comment out this option to activate this restriction
stop_ordering_under: {{ env "STOP_ORDERING_UNDER" }}
# Comment out to completely hide apple points (be sure to comment stop_ordering_under)
use_apple_points: {{ env "USE_APPLE_POINTS" }}
# ordergroups can only order when their balance is higher than or equal to this
# not fully enforced right now, since the check is only client-side
minimum_balance: {{ env "MINIMUM_BALANCE" }}
# how many days there are between two periodic tasks
#tasks_period_days: 7
# how many days upfront periodic tasks are created
#tasks_upfront_days: 49
# default order schedule, used to provide initial dates for new orders
# (recurring dates in ical format; no spaces!)
# ends:
# time: '9:00'
# # reference point, this is generally the first pickup day; empty is often ok
# #initial:
# When use_nick is enabled, there will be a nickname field in the user form,
# and the option to show a nickname instead of full name to foodcoop members.
# Members of a user's groups and administrators can still see full names.
use_nick: {{ env "FOODCOOP_USE_NICK" }}
# Most plugins can be enabled/disabled here as well. Messages and wiki are enabled
# by default and need to be set to false to disable. Most other plugins needs to
# be enabled before they do anything.
use_wiki: true
use_messages: true
use_documents: true
use_polls: true
# Base font size for generated PDF documents
#pdf_font_size: 12
# Page size for generated PDF documents
#pdf_page_size: A4
# Some documents (like group and article PDFs) can include page breaks
# after each sublist.
#pdf_add_page_breaks: true
# Alternatively, this can be set for each document.
# order_by_groups: true
# order_by_articles: true
# Page footer (html allowed). Default is a Foodsoft footer. Set to `blank` for no footer.
page_footer: {{ env "FOODCOOP_FOOTER" }}
# Custom CSS for the foodcoop
#custom_css: 'body { background-color: #fcffba; }'
# Uncomment to add tracking code for web statistics, e.g. for Piwik. (Added to bottom of page)
#webstats_tracking_code: |
# <!-- Piwik -->
# ......
# email address to be used as sender
email_sender: "{{ env "EMAIL_SENDER" }}"
# email address to be used as from
email_from: "{{ env "EMAIL_SENDER" }}"
# domain to be used for reply emails
reply_email_domain: {{ env "EMAIL_REPLY_DOMAIN" }}
# If your foodcoop uses a mailing list instead of internal messaging system
# Config for the exception_notification plugin
- "{{ env "EMAIL_ERROR" }}"
sender_address: "\"Foodsoft error\" <{{ env "EMAIL_SENDER" }}>"
email_prefix: "[foodsoft] "
# http config for this host to generate links in emails (uses environment config when not set)
protocol: https
host: "{{ env "DOMAIN" }}"
#port: 3000
{{ if eq (env "ENABLE_SHARED_LISTS") "1" }}
# Access to sharedlists, the external article-database.
# This allows a foodcoop to subscribe to a selection of a supplier's full assortment,
# and makes it possible to share data with several foodcoops. Using this requires installing
# an additional application with a separate database.
adapter: "{{ env "SHARED_LISTS_DB_TYPE" }}"
host: "{{ env "SHARED_LISTS_HOST" }}"
database: "{{ env "SHARED_LISTS_DB_NAME" }}"
username: "{{ env "SHARED_LISTS_USER" }}"
password: "{{ secret "shared_lists_db_password" }}"
{{ end }}
# don't remove this, required to run the app
<<: *defaults
{{ env "FOODCOOP_NAME" }}:
<<: *defaults