Philipp Rothmann 666e7934a6 introduce importmaps
This commit introduces importmaps. They allow to use modern javacript ESM within rails without webpack, yarn etc.
see for more details.

Co-authored-by: Philipp Rothmann <>
Co-authored-by: FGU <>
2023-02-10 12:24:42 +01:00
assets Get rid of coffeescript. 2016-04-25 20:34:30 +02:00
javascript introduce importmaps 2023-02-10 12:24:42 +01:00 Mention OpenSans license 2015-06-12 17:03:22 +02:00

Bundled third-party files

This directory contains files that did not have a standard rubygems dependency, and therefore need to be distributed with Foodsoft.


As this list needs to be updated manually, please look in the files themselves to see if they contain a license statement.